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Free iOS AdBlock DNS - BA.net/adblock

Block Ads BA.net

Make your Internet Faster, more Private and Safer with Block Ads BA.net.

Works on iPad, iOS, Mac, PC. A network based VPN DNS Service.

Works with Safari. Any Web Browser / Any Platform

Block Ads Everywhere

AdBlock BA.net stops advertisements on Safari, Any Web Browser, Any Platform. Blocks Ads on YouTube, Facebook, Apps, messaging programs and more!

User Benefits

The benefits of ad blocking include quicker loading and cleaner looking Web pages free from advertisements, lower resource waste (bandwidth, CPU, memory, etc.), and privacy benefits gained through the exclusion of the tracking and profiling systems of ad delivery platforms.

Multi Device

You can configure it for your computers, iPad, iPhone WiFi and more devices on your network.

new For iPhone on celular networks we have a new AdBlock Speed VPN See config details here.

Block Tracking Sites

Many sites use Web bugs and analytics to track where you go on the Internet. BlockAds BA.net stops these sites from profiling you, invading your privacy and slowing your connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: We only use Apple computers in our household, can we still use AdBlock BA.net?

    Yes, AdBlock BA.net will work with Safari, Firefox, etc. on Apple computers.

  • Q: Will AdBlock BA.net also restrict pornograhic ads?

    AdBlock BA.net is not specifically designed to remove pornographic ads, however we make every attempt to block ads from known ad distribution networks.

  • Q: Will AdBlock BA.net also restrict pornograhic sites?

    Yes, the PRO srvice includes the option to block Porn Sites. CIPA Compliant block. GBA Ley No 2974.

  • Q: I live in Toronto, will AdBlock BA.net work in Canada?

    Yes, AdBlock BA.net will work from any location, however we concentrate our efforts on blocking advertising on the most popular sites for U.S. Internet users.

    You can report any Ads or Malware to be included in the BA.net/adblock blocked list. Report Ads or Malware Here. So far our blocked list contains over 920,000 domains!

  • Q: Does AdBlock BA.net track where I go on the Internet?

    AdBlock BA.net does not log any personally identifiable information. See details at the Privacy Policy

  • Q: I noticed an ad the other day surfing the web, should I report that to AdBlock BA.net Support?

    AdBlock BA.net will not block 100% of Internet advertising. Our goal is to eliminate banner and Flash advertisements on the most popular sites, and block the most widely used advertising distributors.

    You can report any Ads or Malware to be included in the BA.net/adblock blocked list. Report Ads or Malware Here. So far our blocked list contains over 920,000 domains!

  • Q: What kind of banners will it block ?

    AdBlock BA.net is designed to block Banner and Flash advertising on the most popluar sites, and to block ads coming from the largest advertising networks.

    AdBlock BA.net will work for anyone, anywhere in the world, but our focus is on popular U.S. Websites. Our servers are located in the US East Coast, US West Coast and EU London.

  • What about Site and Blog Owners ?

    Our intent is to block major adserver networks that track you across the web. They use questionable re-targetting, profiling and invade your privacy.

    Smaller sites generally offer sponsorships and directly served ads, which we do not block.

  • Q: Will it block Phishing and Malware sites ?

    Yes Phishing and Malware sites will also be blocked. Helping to keep you safe from identity theft. So far our blocked list contains over 920,000 domains!

  • Q: Will it block Profiling Sites ? Yes. Also blocks Windows 10 Telemetry. Windows 10 is basically a keylogger, in some cases. It even sends camera/microphone data in 40Mb bundles! Most of that data is blocked with our AdBlocker.

  • Q: Will it consume Memory like uBlock or AdBlock Plus ?

    uBlock or other Browser add-ons can consume a lot of memory on your computer. As they have to process over 50k rules and domains to block. Our DNS solution moves that processing to our servers, we block 900k adware and malware domains!

    You will need less memory and have a faster and safer internet. No need to install any add-on or plug-in, just configure our DNS and you are ready to go on all your devices.

  • Q: Do you have a solution for iPhone on Mobile Networks ?

    Yes, AdBlock Speed VPN for iPhone. AdBlock VPN for iOS Config Howto

  • Q: Will VPN OpenVPN affect my mobile battery ? Short answer no. The current recommended OpenVPN clients manage sleep to keep the cellular radio off when the phone display is unused.

    The AdBlock data transmission and CPU savings will combine with the low overhead of the new OpenVPN client to a negligible impact on your iPhone battery.

  • Q: Will AdBlock affect my mobile battery ? Current block lists cover over 200,000 domains. Processing that on a mobile for every request can be battery draining. The AdBlock DNS VPN solution off-loads this processing to the server. So you can save battery.

    Q: What about privacy ?

    Consumer Speed VPN only routes DNS traffic on the VPN. No IP change, or TCP traffic. OpenVPN app is separate, so you can audit log data and configuration. The consumer service is aimed at cellular data saving and speed.

  • Q: Do you support L2PT ?

    No. For higher grade encryption we support OpenVPN. Or for legacy OS we support PPTP

  • Q: why OpenVPN ? OpenVPN is recognized industry-wide as the most secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) encryption protocol. It is open source and has been through several high profile audits to ensure its effectiveness. When it comes to digital privacy, an OpenVPN service is definitely best

    L2TP/IPsec is quite secure and arguably the fastest in our implementation. It's not as reliable as OpenVPN over networks experiencing issues, leading to connection drops. OpenVPN is the most secure and reliable (even over slow/unstable networks). OpenVPN UDP is usually faster than OpenVPN TCP.

  • Corporate Plan AdBlock VPN new

  • Q: Android VPN Limitations ?

    Android built-in PPTP VPN only works on wifi connections.

    For a Celular Mobile Adblock VPN, you can use OpenVPN. Download this OpenVPN App on the Google Play Store

  • Q: Android VPN Hotspot Limitations ?

    You can't connect a VPN *and* activate the wifi hotspot on Android, by design. It sucks but there you are. You can though run OpenVPN on client devices tunnelled through an Android or iOS Hotspot however.

  • Q: Do you offer Business Service ?

    Yes, you can point your corporate routers to dedicated cloud DNS and VPN servers. We offer 20 options of geographically diverse datacenters across usa, europe and asia.

    Also available custom filter lists and access policies running on your own dedicated virtual dns servers. Full root access.

    Business, Hotspot, School and Campus filtering bundles available.

  • Q: Do I need to commit more bandwidth capacity to filtering ? You can choose what users or parts of your network use the VPN, and what parts DNS filtering. VPN requires bandwidth provisioning, while DNS does not.

    You can then mix and match bandwidth according to network needs and business requirements.

  • Q: Do you offer Custom Solutions ?

    Yes, we can provide custom adblock, vpn, firewall, filtering cloud dedicated servers. Also a turnkey bootable software appliance, that runs on your own office servers. BA.net AdBlock VPN OS (BAVOS).

  • Q: Do you offer Server DNS Filter Solutions ?

    BA.net Adblock DNS Server FlashBoot is a complete Software Appliance. Built in a simple USB Flash Boot package. Or Managed Server Virtual Image. Free Download

  • Q: Do you offer an Administrator Manual ?

    You can download a free preview of the Administrator Manual

    free Administrator Manual E-Book Preview
    Free eBook Preview PDF 2.5M Documentation Index

    AdBlock and Web Security Administrator Manual E-Book. 160 Pages, 30 Ilustrations, Step by Step Administration Examples
    Free Full eBook PDF 6.0M Documentation Index

    BA.net AdBlock VPN . iPhone . Android . BUY Lifetime

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