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BA.net AdBlock VPN . iPhone . Android . BUY Lifetime

BA.net AdBlock VPN for OSX Mac

Consumer Speed VPN

  • Save Money on Mobile Data
  • VPN DNS-Only Traffic
  • Battery Saving
  • Blocks Ads, Malware, Tracking
  • Covers Mobile iPhone, Android
  • Covers Home Computers, Apps
  • Family Control
  • Up to 10 Devices

    Connect to OpenVPN from your OSX

    Download the Latest TunnelBlick install from https://tunnelblick.net/downloads.html

  • Double Click the Tunnelblick dmg from your downloads folder to mount the image

  • Double Click on the Tunnelblick icon to install.

  • If you get a notice that "Tunnelblick is an Application downloaded from the Internet" Click Open to confirm that you want to Open it.

  • Type your computer Admin password to allow the Install.

  • Click launch

  • Click I Have Configuration Files

  • Download the Configuration File from your BA.net welcome email

    Enter your computer Admin password to allow the configuration file to be added.

  • Click Advanced "Allow changes to manually-set network settings"

  • Click the Tunnelblick icon in the Menu bar to connect

    For the OSX PPTP VPN Howto Click here

    Documentation Index

  • FAQ

  • Q: Do you have a solution for iPhone on Mobile Networks ?

    Yes, AdBlock Speed VPN for iPhone. AdBlock VPN for iOS Config Howto

  • Q: Will VPN OpenVPN affect my mobile battery ? Short answer no. The current recommended OpenVPN clients manage sleep to keep the cellular radio off when the phone display is off

    The AdBlock data transmission and CPU savings will combine with the low overhead of the new OpenVPN client to a negligible impact on your iPhone battery.

  • Q: Do you support L2PT ?

    No. For higher grade encryption we support OpenVPN. Or for legacy OS we support PPTP

  • Q: Do you offer Server DNS Filter Solutions ?

    BA.net Adblock DNS Server FlashBoot is a complete Software Appliance. Built in a simple USB Flash Boot package. Or Managed Server Virtual Image. Free Download

    Corporate Plan Remote AdBlock VPN new

  • Q: Do you offer an Administrator Manual ?

    You can download a free preview of the Administrator Manual

    free Administrator Manual E-Book Preview
    Free eBook Preview PDF 2.5M Documentation Index

  • Corporate Plan Remote AdBlock VPN new

    BA.net AdBlock VPN . iPhone . Android . BUY Lifetime

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