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BA.net AdBlock Speed VPN for iPhone

1. Go to the Settings

iOS Settings

2. Go to General >  VPN


iOS Settings VPN


3. Click on Add VPN Configuration

iOS Add VPN configuration

4. Select the PPTP VPN protocol at the top.

– For Description add any name you want ex: BA.net

– In the Server field type the vpn server name we emailed you. Example vpn12.ba.net.

– For Account enter your VPN username.

– For Password enter your VPN password.

– Encryption level let it “Auto”.

– Enable “Send All Traffic”


6. Click Save on the top right corner to save VPN configuration.



7. You can now connect to the VPN.


To check if your IP is changed successfully open the Safari browser and go to http://ba.net/util/geo/.

Done. You are connected. Enjoy BA.net AdBlock VPN


  • Q: Do you have a solution for iPhone on Mobile Networks ?

    Yes, AdBlock Speed VPN for iPhone. Speed PPTP VPN. Premium Unlimited AdBlock Servers. Available on dedicated Business Servers Only. Contact us at adblock@ba.net

  • Q: Will VPN affect my mobile battery ?

    Short answer no. A PPTP VPN plus BA.net Adblock DNS is the ideal way to surf faster on iPhone on mobile networks. AdBlock will speed up your connection and PPTP is the vpn protocol that will impact your battery usage the least.

    PPTP is not 100% safe as an encryption protocol, but it provides adecuate protection for guest hotspot surfing, and adblock usage. The best feature of PPTP is that it is native to the iphone, it is simple to configure and will add the least amount of overhead to your battery usage.

    The AdBlock data transmission and CPU savings will combine with the low overhead of PPTP to a negligible impact on your iPhone battery.

  • Q: Do you support L2PT ?

    No. For higher grade encryption we support OpenVPN

  • Corporate Plan Remote AdBlock VPN new

  • Q: Do you offer Server DNS Filter Solutions ?

    BA.net Adblock DNS Server FlashBoot is a complete Software Appliance. Built in a simple USB Flash Boot package. Or Managed Server Virtual Image. Free Download

  • Q: Do you offer an Administrator Manual ?

    You can download a free preview of the Administrator Manual

    free Administrator Manual E-Book Preview
    Free eBook Preview PDF 2.5M Documentation Index

  • Corporate Plan Remote AdBlock VPN new

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