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Business VPN AdBlock Security

  • Block Ads, Malware, Tracking
  • Covers Multi Office and Mobile
  • Custom Policy Blocklist
  • Cloud DNS, VPN Filters
  • 2 Dedicated Servers
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • US CIPA Compliance
  • Priority Email Support

    $24.99 / Month

    Contact us at
    +54911 2546 1403

  • AdBlock Mobile VPN for Apple iOS Config Howto

  • AdBlock Mobile VPN for Android Config Howto.

  • AdBlock VPN OSX Config Howto

  • AdBlock VPN Windows 10 Config Howto

    Admin Interface

    Hardware AdBlock Raspberry Pi 3

    Business Turnkey Flashboot Server


  • Q: Do you have a solution for iPhone on Mobile Networks ?

    Yes, AdBlock Speed VPN for iPhone. AdBlock VPN for iOS Config Howto

  • Q: Will VPN OpenVPN affect my mobile battery ? Short answer no. The current recommended OpenVPN clients manage sleep to keep the cellular radio off when the phone display is unused.

    The AdBlock data transmission and CPU savings will combine with the low overhead of the new OpenVPN client to a negligible impact on your iPhone battery.

  • Q: Do you support L2PT ?

    No. For higher grade encryption we support OpenVPN. Or for legacy OS we support PPTP

  • Q: Android Limitations ?

    Android built-in PPTP VPN only works on wifi connections.

    For a Celular Mobile Adblock VPN, you can use OpenVPN. Download this OpenVPN App on the Google Play Store

  • Q: Do you offer Business Service ?

    Yes, you can point your corporate routers to dedicated cloud DNS and VPN servers. We offer 20 options of geographically diverse datacenters across usa, europe and asia.

    Also available custom filter lists and access policies running on your own dedicated virtual dns servers. Full root access.

    Business, Hotspot, School and Campus filtering bundles available.

  • Q: Do you offer Custom Solutions ?

    Yes, we can provide custom adblock, vpn, firewall, filtering cloud dedicated servers. Also a turnkey bootable software appliance, that runs on your own office servers. BA.net AdBlock VPN OS (BAVOS).

  • Get Premium Adblock Multi Device
  • Business Web Security Solutions
  • Managed AdBlock VPN Servers

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  • Q: Do you offer Server DNS Filter Solutions ?

    BA.net Adblock DNS Server FlashBoot is a complete Software Appliance. Built in a simple USB Flash Boot package. Or Managed Server Virtual Image. Free Download

  • Q: Do you offer an Administrator Manual ?

    You can download a free preview of the Administrator Manual

    free Administrator Manual E-Book Preview
    Free eBook Preview PDF 2.5M Documentation Index

    AdBlock and Web Security Administrator Manual E-Book. 160 Pages, 30 Ilustrations, Step by Step Administration Examples
    Free Full eBook PDF, ePUB Documentation Index

  • AdBlock VPN . Mobile VPN . Business Security . Config . Video Demo . BUY PRO

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