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Why use AdBlock VPN

Block Ads Without Killing the Battery

More speed, data savings and battery efficiency in one of the best ad blockers in the market.

Block Over 200,000 Domains and Rules

Processing that on a mobile for every request can be battery draining. Also taxing is keeping the large blocklist up to date. The AdBlock DNS VPN solution offloads this tasks to the server. So you can save battery.

Save Money on Your Cellular Data Plan prevents your devices from downloading and displaying unnecessary content.

An Ad Blocker You Can Trust

You should be careful when using any apps that filter your traffic, since they could access your sensitive information. Speed VPN only routes DNS traffic on the VPN. No IP change, or TCP traffic. OpenVPN app is separate, so users can audit log data and configuration.

You Are In Control

While can be used without any configuration, you can still adjust it to your needs. You decide what should and should not be blocked, and the filters you add will be automatically kept up to date.

Protect Your Privacy

Just turn on and it'll show you how corporations are tracking your every move. You'll be shocked! prevents malware and tracking requests to be sent and keeps you private.

Keep Your Network And Devices Safe And Fast

It works across all of your apps, not only the browser. It doesn't require root, sideloading or complicated setups, supports both WiFi and mobile networks. Give it a try today!

Business Security

Why use Network Filter Control for your Business Unified Corporate Policy across networks and mobile roaming. US CIPA compliance. EU GDPR Compliance.

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Free Pi-Hole AdBlock . Free Download . DNS over HTTPS . Config . Videos . BUY PRO