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Replace Slack Gsuite O365

Free Pi-Hole AdBlock . Free Download . DNS over HTTPS . Config . Videos . BUY PRO

Business AdBlock Security

Easy to use Content Filtering, AdBlock and Malware Protection.

  • Self-Hosted Pi-Hole
  • Runs on Your Own Server Hardware
  • SSD or Pendrive Flash Boot
  • Blocks Ads on any application on your network
  • Block Ads, Tracking, Malware
  • Integrated Centos, Pi-Hole, Unbound
  • Detailed Logs and Statistics

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  • Block Ads and Secure Roaming Mobile Users
  • Public SSL Web URL
  • No Firewall or Router Config Needed
  • Easy Autossh Tunnel
  • No software to install on client
  • DoH. DNS over HTTPs
  • DoT. DNS over TLS
  • Cloud Firewall, DOS control
  • Self-Hosted Logs
  • Self-Hosted Web Control Panel
  • Soft Updates, Support

    $8.99 / Month
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    Buy vs. Build? No Contest.
    It took our developers hundreds of hours to build and test the first version of this solution. Save yourself that time, and never worry about keeping the servers up (and there are a lot of servers).
    Trusted Open Source Packages
    Your VPN gets all the power and flexibility of widely trusted packages like OpenVPN, Easy-RSA, Unbound DNS, Pi-Hole, IPtables, Linux Centos.
    Covers Multi Office and Mobile
    Serve all your employees, road warriors, teleworkers using the same flexible solution. No per user costs.
    Built to Scale
    Designed for uptime and reliability. Redundant servers. Deployable on 20 geographically distributed datacenters.
    Dedicated Team
    We do VPNs all day, everyday. We can also help you with mixed environments. Palo Alto, Fortigate, Cisco, Sonicwall, Asus WRT. Our team has 20 Years of ISP and MSP experience.

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    Contact us at
    +54911 2546 1403

    Cloud Firewall
    Simplify your network with Cloud Firewall. Full next generation firewall capabilities without the cost and complexity of NGFW appliances

    Admin Interface

    Hardware Web Filtering VPN on your Local Network


    Business Turnkey Flashboot Server
    Pendrive Software Appliance

    Hardware AdBlock Raspberry Pi 3

    Free Pi-Hole AdBlock . Free Download . DNS over HTTPS . Config . Videos . BUY PRO