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Microsoft Office 365 Analysis

Office 365 is an expensive portfolio product of Microsoft’s 365, a web based family of integrated Microsoft products including Skype, Outlook, Azure, Office and Power BI.

Many industry analysts believe that Office 365 represents Microsoft’s effort to become a dominant player in both the CRM and ERP spaces. Many also believe that this is a return to the monolithic CRM/ERP products of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Universally these were cumbersome, complex, inelegant, hard to use, hard to modify and very expensive. Almost all of these applications ceased to exist with the advent of web-based and agile CRM and ERP applications of recent years, leaving their users in the cold.

With Office 365, Microsoft is reviving 1990’s computing. As a consequence, vendor lock-in, complexity and spiralling costs are stand-out warnings for the unwary.

Microsoft Office 365

Increased Costs

The Microsoft Office 365 platform comprises of a portfolio of interdependent and integrated components. Ideally, Microsoft wants users to require as many of these components as possible. Starting with the best of intentions and at a low(ish) cost, with Dynamics CRM you’ll quickly bump into areas that require an additional component (reporting and storage for instance).

Microsoft will be happy to provide this, but at additional cost. Very quickly you can run up to a $20 per user per month Office price, for functionality that is also offered by Private Cloud Office as standard.

Private Cloud Office

Reduced Costs

Are you already running Office 365? No problem. We can migrate it to Private Cloud Office, where you can enjoy all the freedoms of open source, while keeping the same functionality and saving a lot of money.

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  • Office 365 comes with strict storage limits. Additional storage comes with additional cost.
  • You have no direct database access. Essentially, you can’t access the core of the system if you wanted to make your own changes.
  • Silent updates – you don’t control these. Microsoft does them and users are not notified. That could (and does) break things.
  • Questions about scalability. Microsoft is best for small to medium user numbers.
  • Licenses – the more you need to use it, the more expensive it becomes.


  • Private Cloud Office comes complete with all the source code. Make the changes that you need directly on the core code. This makes it incredibly flexible, probably the most flexible Office available.
  • There are no data storage limits with Private Cloud Office.
  • Private Cloud Office scales to thousands of users.
  • You control if and when upgrades are applied.
  • Scale user numbers without having to purchase additional licences.

Compare features

Features Microsoft Office 365 Private Cloud Office
Open source No Yes
Local Install No Yes
Hybrid Cloud No Yes
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
    Knowledge Base
    Outlook integration
    Thunderbird plugin
    Price $ 40,000 (for 100 Microsoft Office Enterprise users for 1 year) $5,000 over 75% off Private Cloud Office

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    Save 70% Replacing G Suite, Basecamp, Office 365

    Gsuite, Basecamp or O365 Private Cloud Office

  • Up to 15 users
  • Office plus email
  • Some soft limitations
  • High vendor lock-in
  • Up to 15 users
  • Office plus email
  • No soft limitations
  • No vendor lock-in
  • $100.00 /month

    $34.99 /month

    $19.99 /month (office without email)

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