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Partnering with

Private Cloud Office for Business Distributors

Partners are surprised by how easy it is to grow their business and delight clients with office collaboration solutions provided by Get ready to be shocked by what you can achieve.

Key Features

Lower costs Replacing Slack, Gsuite, O365 Edit Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations. 100% compatible with Microsoft Office. Collaborate in Real Time. Take Control of your Business Data.

EU GDPR Compliance

Built to Scale

Designed for uptime and reliability. Redundant servers. Deployable on 20 geographically distributed datacenters.

Dedicated Team

We do Cloud Servers all day, everyday. We can also help you with mixed environments. Windows, OSX, Linux, Cisco. Our team has 20 Years of ISP and MSP experience.


All our resources and focus are dedicated to Cloud Hosting. This is our core business and what our team have been developing for 20+ years. For partners, this is a recurring revenue model on a high margin, subscription based SaaS solution that has significant market demand.

Cloud Based Cloud Office is 100% cloud based with no client installations. It can be rolled out quickly, easily managed by the user and it can scale.

Key Benefits

Easy and Immediate Office Cloud integrates your office and remote workers. Business Control including Remote wipe and next generation secure watermarking. Data access from Office, Remote, Desktop, Mobile.

Integrates into your Existing Service Stack Seamless integration into your existing service stack through advanced API documentation.

Remote Management & Monitoring via API Administrators can manage and monitor the solution remotely saving on costly local installs.

Self-Hosted Option

Hosted in Your Environment or Ours

Can be deployed in our private cloud environment (AWS, DO, Upcloud). Also available self-hosting on your local hardware, pendrive and ssd bootable images.

Local server can be synced with cloud for remote workers. Using Nexcloud federated servers. Hybrid cloud.

White Label

Can use a white label to further your company brand.

Short Sales Cycle

Only 15 days free trial required to test and the solution has a very high test to paid conversion rate. Grow your revenue with no investment on your side. This is a recurring revenue model on a high margin, subscription based SaaS solution. Private Cloud Office

Product Breakdown
– Delivery in the cloud Yes
– Private Office Cloud Yes
– Unlimited user creation Yes
– Flat Server Pricing Yes
– No compromise to speed Yes
– Scalable Yes
– Auto updating Yes
– White labelling Yes
– Replace O365 Yes
– Replace Gsuite Yes
– Replace Slack Yes
– Self-Hostable Yes Answers your IT Challenges

Qualifying an Opportunity – Questions to ask your customers

  • Find out about the sector of the opportunity. Business vertical, office, remote teams etc..
  • How many users ?
  • How many locations ?
  • Replacing O-365 ?
  • Replacing G-Suite ?
  • Replacing Exchange ?
  • Replacing Slack
  • Replacing Backup Solution ? Price Advantage
    Save 70% Replacing G Suite, Basecamp, Office 365

    Gsuite, Basecamp or O365 Private Cloud Office

  • Up to 15 users
  • Office plus email
  • Some soft limitations
  • High vendor lock-in
  • Up to 15 users
  • Office plus email
  • No soft limitations
  • No vendor lock-in
  • $100.00 /month

    $34.99 /month

    $19.99 /month (office without email)

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