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Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom Shop
Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, SmartBCH

Build a community around Collectibles, Art, Game Items, Event and Service Tickets, Memberships, Redeemable Rewards.

A rising number of creators and developers are leveraging blockchain-backed tokens to build and support their communities.

NFT Mint Site
NFT Wallet

Buy Now, Auctions
Anchor your Opensea page
Improve user experience
and retention.

NFT Integration
Product or Service
Sales API
Game SDK

NFT Staking
Reward any ERC20 Token
Stake existing ERC721
Rarity Multiplier
Give your NFT a use case

Mint Your own NFT Collection

  • Fast NFT Marketplace
    Integrated on your Project Web Site

  • Mint Site, Whitelists - Module 1 $399.00

  • Custom NFT wallet free

  • Buy Now, Auctions - Module 2 $499.00

  • NFT royalties IERC2981 free

  • NFT Staking - Module 3 $899.00 new

  • Easy Framework-Free Deployment

  • Anchor your Opensea, Rarible auctions. Integrate minting, buying and selling, NFT wallet on your own project web site.

  • Available as Turn-Key Package from $399.00

  • Buy on your favourite EVM chain

  • ETH, BSC, Arbitrum, Avax, Polygon, smartBCH

  • 30+ projects deployed


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    Custom DApps

  • Custom dApp Development

  • NFT royalties IERC2981 free

  • LaunchPad ERC20

  • Token Presale Vault

  • NFT Premium Service Sales API

  • NFT staking

  • 1 Click Framework-Free Deployment

    - NFT Exchange Backend
    Fast Marketplace UI
    Buy / Sell / Auction ERC721
    Configurable Fee
    NFT Royalties IERC2981 new
    Token whitelist (helps with compliance) new
    Smart Contract Backend
    1-Click Mint Hooks
    Easy Open Source Front End UI
    Highly Tested, Audited Code
    Latest Openzeppelin Libraries
    Ownable, Transferable
    $ 2500.00 1 NFT series
    $ 4900.00 full

  • NFT Exchange Backend V5
    Buy / Sell / Auction ERC1155
    1155 Royalties IERC2981
    Full Stack NFT Marketplace

    -Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom Shop

    - Available free as open source MIT code for the NFT smart contract and web3 UI.

    Download code and docs here

    Opportunities for Designers and Integrators web3masters

  • Pony Buy Now . Auctions . NFT Use Cases . Custom Shop . 1-Click Mint

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