Web3 NFT Shop (AMKT) Easy NFT Builder - Polygon MATIC

Web3 NFT Shop

Mint on Polygon MATIC

Web3 NFT Shop
and Minting Service

Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom Shop
Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, SmartBCH

Collectibles, Art, Game Items, Event and Service Tickets, Memberships, Redeemable Rewards.

A rising number of creators and developers are leveraging blockchain-backed tokens to build and support their communities.

  • Mint Your own NFT Collection

  • Self-Hosted Images, Web Site

  • You Own the NFT Smart Contract

  • Buy Now or Auctions

  • Lootbox-Type Sales

  • Anchor your Opensea, Rarible auctions having your own home market for your NFTs

  • Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom Shop

  • Available free as open source MIT code for the NFT smart contract and web3 UI.

    Download code and docs here

  • Available as Turn-Key Package

  • Buy on SmartBCH $299.00

  • Buy on (Polygon / MATIC) $299.00

  • Buy on (ARBITRUM) $399.00

  • Buy on (ETH) $399.00 (plus deployment fees)


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    Custom DApps

  • Custon dApp Development

  • LaunchPad

  • ERC20 Tokens

  • Token Presale Vault

  • Token Faucet

  • 1-Click NFT Mint

  • NFT Exchange Backend
    Buy / Sell / Auction ERC721
    Configurable Fee
    Smart Contract Backend
    Ownable, Transferable

  • AART buy now . Auctions . Custom Shop . NFT Use Cases . AI Style . 49¢ Mint

    Contact us at iphone@ba.net