Create an NFT Series or Individual NFTs

How Much Time Does It Take To Mint An NFT?

Minting an individual NFT is something that can be done in a matter of minutes

on polygon

on Dogechain

To mint a series, such as a generative 10,000 NFT series

How To Promote Your NFTs

The next step after dropping your NFT is promoting it by having a good plan to reach out to prospective customers. The saturation of the NFT market can’t be overemphasized, which is why it is crucial to ensure your NFT gets the reach it deserves. So, once you have listed your NFT for free, the next thing is to ensure the world knows about your digital asset. The following methods will help you.

Create a Community

Building a community will help you promote your NFTs. A community where you can talk and engage your followers on your digital creation will give you the publicity you need for your NFT. Continuous engagement in your community will also help the price of your asset to increase. When you want to create a new NFT, let people in your community know about it; your creation should be the only thing discussed in the community.

Contact influencers regarding your NFTs

It is 2022, and it is a no-brainer that you need the help of influencers to promote and create awareness of your NFT. With this in mind, reach out to relevant influencers who have promoted NFTs before to help you on your marketing journey. Influencers will also help you generate the right traffic, provided their promotions contain essential information regarding your NFT collection.

Use Social Media

Social Media Promotion

Another way you can promote your NFT art is through social media. No matter your budget, you can successfully promote your NFT with the help of appropriate social media marketing skills. Social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Medium, Instagram, and Reddit are invaluable for promotion. Using the right hashtags, captions, and appropriate visuals will help you attract the right kind of audience that would convert into potential collectors.

NFT Calendar

For aspiring NFT creators, another vital step to promote your NFT should be NFT Calendar. The calendar will help build the needed hype around your NFT. The NFT calendar allows you to list events for free and to set up a calendar for the date you want to release your NFTs. It should also be the go-to place for your NFT drops.

When you click on List Your Event on the NFT Calendar site, you will begin the free process of promoting your NFT. In addition, you will be able to set up a calendar entry for the release date of your digital art. Ensure you fill in the details along with a sneak peek at your digital art with the help of an image to represent it. Once you fill out the needed information, click Submit Event and check your listing in the upcoming NFT drops section.

Initiate Collaborations

Collaborating with different artists before releasing your NFT collections is vital. Initiating collaborations will help you gain access to a larger audience that may appreciate your digital art and generate sufficient sales. You may want to view a video.


Blockchain now allows artists and other digital creators worldwide to share and monetize their works in ways that were not even possible before NFTs were introduced.

We have shown you how to mint NFTs for free on different NFT marketplaces. The technology behind these processes is mature and user-friendly, and there is no need for coding skills.

So, if you are a digital creator or an artist, explore NFTs and mint one for free to see if it interests you. If you find the process exciting, you can also try out other NFT marketplaces that charge gas fees, which also provide a good return.

NFT white-label marketplace: White-label NFT marketplace is a pre-built and ready-to-be-launched marketplace on Dogechain, which can be customized according to your requirements. A white-label solution takes a lot less time and money when compared to a marketplace built from scratch.

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