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Each web3 community is unique and deserves a custom marketplace with its own royalties, look and features

  • A community marketplace is a customized NFT marketplace for one project’s collections. Some advantages:

  • No fake collections: This ensures all community members buy the real deal. No trading among rugged NFTs either.

  • Custom fees and Royalties: You can offer lower trading fees and send the proceeds to community/DAO wallets to benefit the community.

  • On-brand trading experience: Buying and selling NFTs on a marketplace with the same vibe as the community—not a third-party marketplace.

  • Greater decentralization: Community marketplaces exist independently from the top trading platforms, which can potentially go down or delist your NFTs at any point.

  • Built-in liquidity: Powered by BA.net, community marketplaces feature floor-pools. So you will always have NFTs for your promotions and to fill-up the market.


    NFT Mint Site
    Royalties EIP-2981
    NFT Wallet

    Custom NFT MKT
    Anchor your Opensea
    collection page
    Branded social share links
    Open Code
    Low 1.25% fee
    free listing

    NFT Staking
    Reward any ERC20 Token
    Rarity Multiplier
    NFT Floor Pool new

    Private NFTEX
    Get NFT trade fees even
    without EIP royalties
    Compliance Ready
    Project Whitelists

  • Deployed to any EVM, ETH, Polygon, more

  • 50+ projects deployed

  • Custom NFTEX
    Reward project for secondary market sales forever
    Reward users for trading in home MKT
    Run NFT floor pools new

  • Clones of theidols.io
    NFTs backed by revenue generating assets
    Automatic floor re-purchase, staking, dividends


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    BA dApps . Collections Polygon . Dogechain . Community-first MKT . Royalties

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