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PRO Finger Sketch Paint - 2017 BA.net

PRO Extra Features:

  • Advertising Free
  • Undo Tool
  • Extra Brushes
  • Import Any Background
  • AI Style Transfer Van Gogh Impressionism new in march
  • 10 Extra AI Style Filters new in april

    Available now

    App store PRO Finger Sketch Paint for iPad $2.99 Reduced this month!

    App store PRO Finger Sketch Paint for iPhone $1.99 Reduced this month!

    App store link (from browser) or search BANET

    Search the app store for banet

    PRO Finger Sketch Paint for OSX - Desktop $9.99 new!

    Finger Sketch Paint - Reviews, User Art

    Sketch Art Tool with extra undo tool, zoom, extra brushes and advertising free.

    Anybody can create amazing drawings with this app.

    Create amazing black and white or color sketches with a few simple finger strokes.

    New save and load drawings. Import any background.

    Simple, fast procedural sketching tool.

    Including Extra Brushes Eraser, Sketchy, XSketchy, Web, XWeb, Fur, Longfur, Xlongfur, Chrome, Shaded, Simple, Xsimple, Squares, Ribbon, Circles, Grid.

    Send us your drawings to iphone@ba.net, and we will feature them on our web site. Thanks!

  • Vimeo Promo Video Kids drawing with Finger Sketch Paint

  • New Save drawings, upload and share! Without user registration.

  • Featured as Apple Staff Pick!

  • Top 10 Educational App in the US App Store!

  • Top 20 app in the US iPad App Store

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