• Crayon
  • Oilpaint
  • Spraypaint
  • Brush
  • Pencil
  • Calligraphy
  • Strings
  • Web
  • Shader
  • Fur
  • Sketchy
  • Chrome
  • Eraser

Finger Oil Painting App

Touch here to begin painting!


  1. What’s Sketch Mobile?
  2. Drawing area
  3. Power nib + terminal
  4. Tool builder
  5. Technologies
  6. Humans.txt
  7. Licensing

What’s Finger Oil Painting App?

Drawing area

  1. Click (1 finger)—the “Floodfill” fills the screen with one click.
  2. Brushes (1+ finger)—with these tools, each finger represents one brush; use your whole hand to finger-paint like you did as a child, but with fun new twists. These types of brushes include; Pencil, Calligraphy, Crayon, Streamer, Automater, Spraypaint, Brush, Oil, Eraser, Spirograph, Hair, Web, Shader, Fur, Sketchy, and Chrome.
  3. Shapes (2 fingers)—two fingers represent one shape; rotating your fingers rotates the shape, spreading your fingers enlarges the shape, while pinching decreases the size, and dragging your fingers around the screen moves the shape. Included in Sketch Mobile you will find; Circle, Square, Polygon, Gears, Star, Burst, Radial Burst, Spiral and Supershape.
  4. Brushes (2+ finger)—the “Strings” tool allows you to create a non-regular polygon, where each point of the polygon is represented by one of your fingers; ten fingers creates a ten-sided non-regular polygon.
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