RoboDocHash SmartBCH
Document Notary dApp

This decentralized app holds checksums of documents in a Solidity smart contract.
A sha256sum is stored on the blockchain, and then displayed as hex and as a robohash!

Contract at 0x7752d8a17D14841b9D1a1e2674E8493C2d682F49

RoboDocHash uses SmartBCH to store document checksums.
RoboDocHash confirms when an author has generated a document,
image or any file. It is a blockchain notary.

  • Timestamp your documents
  • Prove document ownership
  • Verify document integrity
  • Maintain document secrecy
  • Document Verification is free
  • Document Hash Upload is free,
    transaction gas fee around 1 cent

    RoboHash GitHub . RoboDocHash API . BArobots NFTs