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How to install BAVOS in VMware Workstation 14 Pro

BAVOS can boot from a pendrive on its own server. Alternatively you can intsall it on vmware as follows

In this post, I will show you how to install BAVOS on VMware workstation. To install VMware Workstation on windows server please follow this post.

In this Blog, I will show you how to install BAVOS in all the three major Virtualization application- VMware Workstation 14

Step 1- Open VMWare Workstation

Open VMware Workstation from Windows Start menu or from you desktop if you have VMware Workstation icon there.

Step 2- Click on Create a New Virtual Machine

To launch the wizard to create a new virtual machine, Click on Create a New Virtual Machine or File -> New Virtual Machine. Welcome to the new Virtual Machine Wizard dialog box will open. Select typical and click on next.

Step 3- Browse to the ISO Image

Ensure that Installer disc image file (.iso) is check and click on browse to the downloaded .iso image file. Select it and click on next to continue.

Step 4- Enter virtual machine name

In this dialog box, enter the name of the virtual machine or accept the default. I normally accept the default. Location tells you where the Virtual machine files will be created. Click on Browse to select an new location. Normally, I leave it as it is.

Step 6- Ready to create virtual machine

Now you will see ready to create virtual machine dialog box. With this the installation process will begin. Click on Finish to start the process. At this stage, I normally provide the virtual machine more RAM and CPU. Default is 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU Core. Increase the RAM only if you have sufficient memory on your system.

Step 7- Installation process should begin

You will see the below screen. Press ā€œiā€ in your keyboard and press enter.

Step 8

Follow the regular BAVOS Installation HowTo from here

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