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Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom NFT Shop

Supports Artist Royalties IERC2981


edit description "Sample NFT", ticker "NFT" on nft-royalties.sol
edit MAX_SUPPLY = 8888

compile and deploy with

at minting time you will be asked for 
IPFS hash 

the list of IPFS hashes to tokenid is stored on-chain

if you want to use a regular site/ for the files

replace (your site base-uri)

on your own site you can enter a hash or sequential token id
at minting time enter hash or tokenid 

example uri

example image

We provide a full web UI for the NFT shop 
a customizable NFT web wallet
can be hosted on your own web site / domain
hosting can be a static site
MIT open source code

Download demo web3 user interface code from

live demo

Contact us at or for tech help

Opportunities for Artists and Integrators

We also offer a turn-key solution NFT Series Turn-Key