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Web3 NFT Shop
and Minting Service

Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom Shop
Ethereum, Optimism, BCH, Fantom, Polygon

Build a community around Collectibles, Art, Game Items, Event and Service Tickets, Memberships, Redeemable Rewards.

A rising number of creators and developers are leveraging blockchain-backed tokens to build and support their communities.

Mint Your own NFT Collection

  • Self-Hosted Web UI, Images, IPFS

  • Buy Now or Auctions

  • Mint site, whitelists

  • Giveaway promotions

  • NFT royalties IERC2981 new

  • Anchor your Opensea, Rarible auctions. Integrate minting, buying and selling on your own project web site.

  • Available as Turn-Key Package $999.00

  • On your favourite EVM Chain

  • ETH, BSC, Fantom, Polygon, Arbitrum

  • We can accept project tokens up to 50%

  • 20+ projects deployed


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    Custom DApps

  • Custom dApp Development

  • Auto-minter for generative NFTs

  • NFT royalties IERC2981new

  • LaunchPad ERC20

  • 1-Click NFT Mint

  • NFT Exchange Backend
    Buy / Sell / Auction ERC721
    Configurable Fee
    NFT Royalties IERC2981 new
    Token whitelist (helps with compliance) new
    Smart Contract Backend
    1-Click Mint Hooks
    Easy Open Source Front End UI
    Highly Tested, Audited Code
    Latest Openzeppelin Libraries
    Ownable, Transferable
    $ 9800.00 including 1 year updates

  • NFT Exchange Backend V5
    Buy / Sell / Auction ERC1155
    1155 Royalties IERC2981
    Full Stack NFT Marketplace

  • Mint your NFT Series, List on your Custom Shop

  • Available free as open source MIT code for the NFT smart contract and web3 UI.

    Download code and docs here

  • Opportunities for Designers and Integrators web3masters

  • Pony buy now . Auctions . Custom Shop . NFT Use Cases . 99¢ Mint

    Contact us at iphone@ba.net