MONK Merge
NFT Game


Mint your own MONK Game NFT free!
MONK NFTs are based on Cistercian Monk numerals
They can be merged on-chain to increase Karma
Forever Game. Few can reach 9999 Nirvana

1m points available to mint. Max 100 Nirvana
Points can be added by merging, and NFTs supply is reduced (burned)
Make sure you dont merge past the ultimate goal 9999

Low karma NFTs will still be valuable for players
trying to add up to exactly 9999!
List them on our NFT Marketplace

MONK mechanics fully on-chain
NFT metadata changed (merged) by the Smart Contract
Fair launch with free mint!
Merging NFTs has a 0.5 MATIC cost. Contract Verified

The Cistercian numerals are a forgotten number system, developed by the Cistercian monk order in the early thirteenth century, much more compact than Arabic or Roman numerals: with a single character you can write any integer from 1 to 9999 by merging NFTs

Mint on Polygon free!

Mint on Dogechain free!

MONK Merge NFT Project