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Commented Games to Learn Go Baduk

Four commented 9x9 game records and an "ideal" 19x19 game. Created by American master teacher Yi-lun Yang 8-dan for new players.

  • Introduction Game 1
  • Introduction Game 2
  • Introduction Game 3
  • Introduction Game 4
  • Full 19x19 Intro Go Game complete move-by-move commentary on an "ideal" game, also by Mr. Yang.
  • Three basic opening sequences
  • Two more basic opening sequences
  • How To Play Free eBook

    Go Problems to Learn Go Baduk

    Classical go problems:

  • Problem 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10

    AlphaGo Vs 9 Dan Games

  • Lee-Sedol-vs-AlphaGo-20160309
  • AlphaGo-vs-Lee-Sedol-20160310
  • 20160312-Lee-Sedol-vs-AlphaGo
  • 20160313-AlphaGo-vs-Lee-Sedol
  • Lee-Sedol-vs-AlphaGo-20160315

  • 20151005-Fan-Hui-AlphaGo
  • 20151006-AlphaGo-Fan-Hui
  • 20151007-Fan-Hui-AlphaGo
  • 20151008-AlphaGo-Fan-Hui
  • 20151009-Fan-Hui-AlphaGo

    9 Dan Player Games

  • 20160321-Ke_Jie-Tang_Weixing
  • 20160307-Fu_Chong-Ke_Jie.sgf
  • 20160211-Lee_Sedol-Ke_Jie.sgf
  • 20151231-Ke_Jie-Lee_Sedol.sgf

    Go.BA.net Computer Go GnuGo 3.9.1

    Strategic board game. Play the ancient game Go (Weiqi, Igo, Baduk) Play Go with your Friends! Share your Go Board with just one link.

    Play Go against the computer. The program plays Go at 7 to 5 kyu strength. With the Monte Carlo algorithm plays at around 1 kyu strength.

    Quick Play Go Online, No Login, No Registration, No Plugin, No Download Needed. Go Tutor. Learn iGo Board Game.

    Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players, the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. Go (traditional Chinese: 圍棋; simplified Chinese: 围棋; pinyin: wéiqí; Japanese: 囲碁; rōmaji: igo; Korean: 바둑; romaja: baduk; literally: "encircling game")

    Computer Go . Learn Go

    Play Go With Friends . Leela Analyze

    Go Clock . Go Apps Menu

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