Fairy Rescue

Objective: Rescue all the fairies trapped in the bubbles by shooting at them. If you miss many fairies, you will lose the game.

How to play: Touch around the game area to aim the "magic wand", at a desired angle. Touch again to fire the magic spell. The magic spell will hit the fairy bubble and release them.
Do not let any fairies go out the game area, you will lose that fairy.
Watch out for the for the enemy's flying monsters! attack from it can also make you lose "magic wand power", and lose the game.

Hints:Check the "fairy bar indicator" and "magic wand power bar indicator" on top of the game area to know how much power is remaining.

Game Story:Get into the world of fantasy and magic. Play as Marlo - The Magician and liberate the beautiful fairies trapped in the gleaming bubbles, by shooting magic spells. Be careful of the evil spells from the enemy counterparts. Do you dare to take the deadly challenge?

Music Soma FM - Groove Salad

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