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Guess the AI Engine Result
From Tournament Chess Positions

Guess the AI Engine Game Result

Estimate how the game will end by looking at the starting tournament chess position. Play Chess without moving pieces! Test you analytic skills.

Guess which side wins when the chess engine plays both black and white! If you guess correctly you get +10 points. If you lose you get -10 points.

You can also guess that the game will end up in a draw, +20 points or -10 points.

Assume White to move, unless Black mentioned in the game title.

New faster and smarter AI for more realistic chess analysis!

Play Guess Chess Tournament Positions

The Crazy Chess game is based on the game of chess but contains rearranged chess pieces. Free game, no IAP. Available on Desktop and Mobile. Play Crazy Chess Here.

Crazy Chess is played using a normal chess board. The moves and pieces are the same as the original game. Because of the rearranged pieces, players cannot use typical chess opening moves.

The game is good for helping newer and more experienced chess players learn how the game works. It helps understand chess, and eventually become better at the game through learning how to "read the board".

Crazy Chess is a derivative of Fischer Random Chess and Really Bad Chess. On the BA.net Crazy Chess version the second line of pieces is generated at random. With more chances of higher weight pieces.

You can get a new board every time you reload the app! Also the computer player is a bit unluckier when getting chess pieces. Have fun!

Game Design

AI Design:The computer recursively explores the tree of possible moves, keeping score along the way. The engine is optimized for speed on mobiles but still includes alpha beta, pruning and advanced tree search.

For more advanced chess analysis there is the option of comparing engines p4wn, Lowwa and Stockfish on the Desktop App

MoreAI Design Details

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BA.net Crazy Chess . New Board . Help

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