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Bridge Hands

Bridge Hands


 # ContractoriginDifficulty
Hand 46 Heartsrfrick.infoIntermediate
Hand 63 No TrumpACBL BulletinIntermediate
Hand 76 SpadesStewartAdvanced- to Advanced+
Hand 86 Spadeslocal club playAdvanced-
Hand 92 Spades (defend)local club playAdvanced-


These hands are something like a daily bridge column, except you play the hand rather than reading about it. I think the experience is better than reading a column. More importantly, the computer format allows different options, such as offering help and changing difficulty levels. (Click here for further explanation, but the explanation can spoil Hands 6 and 7, so you might want to explore them first.)

Old hands do not have the amenities of new hands. You should probably start with #8 or #9.


To play a card, just click on it.

There is some delay built into the program. If you are tired of waiting for something, just click on whichever card you want to play next.