ETH Guardian Wallet

Live Demo on Ropsten Testnet config metamask

This dApp allows you to store your ETH in a smart contract. With the benefit that a guardian can move your funds for you if you lose your keys!

This is semi-trustless, as even a malicious guardian has to wait for a grace period (2500 blocks, aprox. 30 days) before they can take the funds. The user can see the guardian request on the blockchain and get his funds back if this happens.

Test this demo live on the ETH Ropsten Testnet. Use it for production with a signed contract on the ETH mainnet.

By selecting your guardian the signing metamask address creates itself a guardian wallet

Send ETH To Address

Deposit ETH on your Guardian Wallet
send to 0x55da11D230339ed4918Cf96433AF93Ab0cF608f0
from the same address you used to create the guardian wallet

View contract activity at

Guardian Wallet Dev UI
Includes access to methods for Guardian Request and Withdraw to Guardian

sha256sum of the contract code
You can use it to verify the exact same code is deployed on Ethereum mainnet
Buy PRO Guardian Wallet and use it on mainnet
Contact us at

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