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Why Replace Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets?

  • Today most hardware wallets depend on Secure Elements. A secure element is an element of hardware whose design is unknown. It is basically a form of security via obscurity.

    A secure element, by its very definition, can not be open-source.

  • The Ledger company was hacked and lost personal information of customers

  • Ledger modified its code to force users to "backup" seeds with them

  • Trezor supports a very large number of cryptos. Thus requires frequent firmware upgrades.

  • Trezor has a seed-extraction exploit that can not be fixed reddit r/ethereum discussion TLDR An attacker with a stolen device can extract the seed from the device. It takes less than 5 minutes and the necessary materials cost around 100$

  • We can "ship" (electronically) anywhere without requiring any personal information

  • Our solution has Full open source code. No forced updates. Use your own hardware devices with a portable offline-capable app.

    Deposit privately cross-chain on your new cold storage address using


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