Guardian Wallet
Smart Vault

With Lost-Key Recovery

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PRO Guardian Wallet for your Treasury
Deployed to Mainet ETH or L2s

  • Get the peace of mind of a Lost-Key Guardian
  • Get an extra layer of privacy
  • Store and Send ETH or any ERC20 Token
  • Gas Efficient Multi-Send Payments
    Directly from your Vault
  • Addr receive whitelists (optional)
  • You can select the guardian grace period (default 30 days)
  • Guardian requests emit a log event
    can be subscribed as notifications on
  • Portable dApp can run locally
  • Audited Source Code Contract
  • Smart Contract Ownership Transfered to You

    Lifetime cost of $199.00

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  • Cold Storage - Offline Sign APP

  • Offline Sign Guardian Wallet UI
  • Offline Sign Transaction UI
  • Portable Airgap APP, for any OS or mobile
  • Airgap best practices PDF eBook
  • Better than a hardware wallet
  • Use your own devices
    RaspberryPI, linux computer or mobile

    Lifetime cost of $149.00

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