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Free Pi-Hole AdBlock VPN Ubuntu, Linux Mint Config - Howto and Screenshots

The fastest way to install for noad is to use the "install from file" option using noad.ovpn

After Install, note that debian has a bug on network manager. Run the following commands for DNS only AdBlock VPN

sudo nmcli c modify noad ipv4.never-default yes

where noad is your vpn "connectionname"

sudo resolvectl dns wlp1s0
sudo resolvectl dns tun0

resolvectl status

where wlp1s0 is your wifi or enp1s0 your wired connection

Optional. For automatic connection run

Select your wired connection (not your VPN) and press the cog (settings) icon. Then click the General tab and select "Automatically connect to VPN" and choose the VPN noad.

free Block Ads VPN . Config Help . Free Servers . Business

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