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Why choose BA.net Face AI ?

Deep Learning Based Face Recognition.
Focussed on Security Cameras Processing.

Core Features

  • Face Detection
  • Face Identification
  • Face Verification
  • Multi-face tracking
  • Focussed on Security Cameras
  • State of the Art 99.38% Accuracy


  • Open face detection and machine learning algorithms
  • Multiple delivery options (Cloud APIs and offline SDKs)
  • Long form video analysis
  • Large size image processing
  • Incredibly small facial templates
  • Unlimited face galleries
  • Lightning fast results
  • Round the clock local support; rapid response times; integration experts
  • Easy starter plan, and scalability options

  • Top Use Cases

    Security Cameras Consolidated and Readable Log-Files

    Consolidate the information from all your security cameras in one simple log-file. The log-file is time-stamped and includes employee names, customers and more.

    Can have filter lists for people on restricted areas.

    The AI log-file is the ultimate business intelligence report!

    Automated Timekeeping

    Tracking attendance at work is tedious for employees and supervisors alike. Even online timesheets often require manual entry, making them susceptible to human error.

    Verify and Track in one step. Get all information from your existing security cameras.

    Flexible Integration

    Face-AI can identify and capture human faces from still images, live video, and pre-recorded video clips. The images are saved along with the camera identification and a time stamp for later review.

    Can be deployed to improve security at government, commercial, and industrial sites. Service businesess such as banks, casinos, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants can use FDS to improve customer service and security.

    Product Specification Sheet PDF (English)

    Product Specification Sheet PDF (Spanish)

    Product Specification Sheet PDF (Portuguese)

    Product Specification Sheet PDF (Japanese)

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    Face Recognition Live Demo

    The Face Recognition deep learning model has an accuracy of 99.38% Using the labelled faces in the wild benchmark. This live demo searches for 5 Hollywood actresses. Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johanssen, Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart. Biz API

    Upload an image to run Face AI on it.

    Face detection starts with the algorithm face landmark estimation. We will determine 68 specific landmarks that exist on every face the top of the chin, the outside edge of each eye, the inner edge of each eyebrow, etc. Then we train a machine learning algorithm to be able to find these 68 specific points on any face.

    After repeating this step millions of times for millions of images of thousands of different people, the neural network learns to reliably generate 128 measurements for each person. Any ten different pictures of the same person should give roughly the same measurements.

    Once the network has been trained, it can generate measurements for any face, even ones it has never seen before!

    The business API can process your security camera videos, and convert them quickly to a time-stamped log file. Including names of employees, customers and more.

    Face Recognition . Live Camera Demo . Applications . Specs
    Consumer Plans . Business Plans

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