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For Life

BA.net is a pioneering domain dating back to 1995. It hosted an ISP Argentina On-Line until 2001, when it was sold to a Nasdaq ISP. Later the original owner re-bought the domain in 2005.

Due to its age and history the domain has a high page ranking.

BA.net is a short, memorable and easy domain to share.

It also simply means "The Internet" in serveral oriental languages.

BA.net domains come pointed to free incomming email and 1000 MB GrandHost hosting.

Additional email, web and office tools are available as premium services.

Grab a piece of Internet history Get a BA.net domain today

DAO & Tokenomics

Each sub-domain will be an Ethereum NFT that provides ownership of the sub-domain as well as dividends from the future BANET DAO.

Dividens come from NFT domain sales and premium services such as extra storage for email or web domains. Dividens will be paid in the ERC20 governance token BDAO.

A ba.net sub-domain for life starts at $249.00

2, 3 and 4 letter domains only available on the secondary market

BANET Domains NFTs launched on polygon/matic in june 2021

BANET Domains NFTs will be mirrored on Ethereum in 2022

DAO and BDAO Token launch scheduled for 2022

Contact us today at iphone@ba.net t.me/banet1