NFT Royalties and Marketplace Development on Polygon/Matic

With the demand for NFTs surging globally, NFT marketplace development has become a remunerative business opportunity in the crypto world. The market value for NFTs has already crossed an estimated billion dollars and is expected to reach 20 billion dollars by 2028.

Many large companies and entrepreneurs like Fox Entertainment, Coca-Cola, and NBA have entered the NFT space by developing NFT marketplaces. NFT marketplaces are a platform built on blockchain, where users can mint, sell, and trade NFTs. One such popular blockchain used for NFT marketplace development is Matic.

Why can NFT marketplace development on Matic be a rewarding choice for your NFT marketplace development venture?

Why go for Matic?

Polygon Matic is one of the widely used blockchain networks, for developing NFT marketplaces. With other predominantly used blockchain networks, there is huge traffic and therefore can result in performance issues. This issue is addressed by Polygon matic, as it can provide seamless services even with a number of users.

Polygon ensures smooth transactions in a cost-effective manner Its layer 2 network expands scalability, security, and other aspects. Features of NFT marketplaces built on Matic

Modularity: Polygon matic is highly customizable, extensible, and upgradeable. Therefore, marketplaces built with matic are more competent and perform better than any other blockchain.

Interoperable: Marketplaces built on polygons are compatible with other blockchains that are available.

User-friendly: With low transaction costs and robust security features NFT marketplaces built on matic can enhance user experience.

Easy to develop: The development process is the same as with any other blockchain network. It does not require any extra protocol level knowledge, deposit, or fee.

Benefits of NFT marketplace built on Matic

NFT marketplaces built on Matic come with one of the best user interfaces, for a seamless experience for the users. Ensures smooth, secure, and instant transactions Matic NFT marketplaces have low transaction costs when compared to other blockchain networks.

Two-layer security features ensure safe and secure transactions while also being transparent Matic can also act as a side chain to the Ethereum network; it uses Ethereum to execute a number of transactions at the same time. NFT marketplace development on MATIC

You can develop your NFT marketplace on matic from the ground up or you can opt for a white label solution.

NFT marketplace built from scratch: With the NFT marketplace built from scratch you can concentrate on every small detail of the marketplace. But it can take a lot of time to build an NFT marketplace from scratch.

NFT white-label marketplace: White-label NFT marketplace is a pre-built and ready-to-be-launched marketplace on matic, which can be customized according to your requirements. A white-label solution takes a lot less time and money when compared to a marketplace built from scratch.


NFT marketplace development is becoming a rewarding business opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwide. Many large companies like Coca-cola and NBA have started to invest in NFT marketplace development.

You can hire an NFT marketplace development company for your business as it can be a tedious process to develop marketplaces without in-depth blockchain development knowledge and experience. Those companies use Polygon Matic as a choice for building their NFT marketplace. You can also take advantage of Matic’s unique features and develop your NFT marketplace on Polygon.

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