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Each web3 community is unique. Get a custom marketplace with its own royalties, look and features

  • A community marketplace is a customized NFT marketplace for one project’s collections. Some advantages:

  • No fake collections: This ensures all community members buy the real deal. No trading among rugged NFTs either.

  • Custom fees and Royalties: You can offer lower trading fees and send the proceeds to community/DAO wallets to benefit the community.

  • On-brand trading experience: Buying and selling NFTs on a marketplace with the same vibe as the community—not a third-party marketplace.

  • Greater decentralization: Community marketplaces exist independently from the top trading platforms, which can potentially go down or delist your NFTs at any point.

  • Built-in liquidity: Powered by BA.net, community marketplaces feature floor-pools. So you will always have NFTs for your promotions and to fill-up the market.


    NFT Mint Site
    Royalties EIP-2981
    NFT Wallet
    BA Launchpad

    Custom NFT MKT
    English, Dutch Auctions
    Dedicated NFTEX
    Get NFT trade fees even
    without EIP royalties

    Reward ETH
    Battle Games new
    Prize Escrow new
    Event Tickets

    Private NFTEX
    NFT Floor Pools
    NFT Treasuries
    Project Whitelists

  • Deployed to any EVM, ETH, Polygon, more

  • 50+ projects deployed

  • Custom NFTEX
    Reward project for secondary market sales forever
    Reward users for trading in home MKT
    Run NFT floor pools new

  • Clones of theidols.io
    NFTs backed by revenue generating assets
    Automatic floor re-purchase, staking, dividends


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