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Mint, Stake, MKT Sites
Ethereum, Binance, Polygon
BA dApps . Collections Polygon . Dogechain . Community-first MKT . Royalties

dApp Studio
Mint, Stake,
Marketplace Sites

Mint your Project, List on your Custom Site
Ethereum, Binance, Polygon Matic, Dogechain

Build a community around your Foundation, Product or Service.
Collectibles, Art, Game Items, Domains, Event Tickets, Redeemable Rewards, Membership Rewards, NFTs with Treasury Staking new

A rising number of creators and developers are leveraging blockchain-backed NFTs and ERC20 tokens to build and support their communities.


NFT Mint Site
NFT Wallet

Custom NFT MKT
Anchor your Opensea
Feature listings
Improve User experience

Private NFTEX
Get NFT trade fees even
without SC royalties on CA
English, Dutch auctions
Whitelist projects
NFT Staking
Reward any ERC20 Token
Stake existing ERC721
Rarity Multiplier
Treasury Dividends

  • Available as Turn-Key Packages

  • Deployed to any EVM, ETH, Polygon, more

  • 50+ projects deployed

  • Custom NFTEX MKT, clones of theidols.io


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    BA dApps . Collections Polygon . Dogechain . Community-first MKT . Royalties

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