Play with your NFT friends, check leaderboard
Level up your NFT car to the maximum #7
Score a lap time under 6 seconds to win:

Top achievement badge: freezes your NFT metadata
With a red porsche 911 NFT image
Your level and score embedded in the NFT

Play Crypto Car Battle
Collect BAcar NFTs

You can level-up when you win an existing battle (race)
Or when you create a battle and somebody loses to you

Get to level 7 for bragging rights ( on-chain :)
Premium BAcar NFT
World record lap time will have special prizes!

Mint some early ID BAcars on-chain game!
Browse the leaderboard
Trade BAcar NFTs on buy/sell shop (soon)
Easy SDK for other apps and games to use the BAcars NFTs (soon)

Play Crypto Car Battle
Collect BAcar NFTs

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