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Merchant List and Donation Buttons

Caitlin Johnstone. Rogue journalist. Bogan socialist. Anarcho-psychonaut. Guerrilla poet. Utopia prepper. Donate BCH $5.00
Cash Fusion Audit Donate BCH $5.00
Texas Poker 10-in-1 App BCH $5.99
Bitcoin Cash Node $5.00
Free Software Foundation $2.00
EatBCH South Sudan Donate $2.00
Electron Cash Wallet Donate $1.00
Airdrop Venezuela Donate $1.00
Internet Archive Donate $1.00
Bitcoin Cash Offline Vault App for OSX$ 19.99 Cold Storage Ebook

BCH Buy buttons will transform the way you sell forever

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Bitcoin Pay Buttons

Simple paywall for premium content and digital downloads. 0% fees.

Automate your BCH, ETH and BTC payment buttons with real-time USD prices, QRcodes.

PRO version also manages invoice codes, payment status and digital goods delivery.

Free Pay Buttons

Custom BCH Pay Button free
ready to embed in 1 second!

PRO Paywall Hosted Service

  • Automated Order Status and Delivery
  • Non custodial
  • Not dependent on any transaction server
  • Your customers don’t need to register
  • No middleman fees

    $3900 / Year

    20% off

    20% off

    20% off

    Zero Install & Works with any website

    We built BCHPAY with a zero installation process that let’s you start making money on your premium content and digital goods right away.

    Don’t spend time and money reworking website architecture. After adding your receiving address to the the paywall it is live! Automating your work.

    Lots of Features You'll Love

    BCHPAY allows you to effortlessly control access to your digital goods and paid content

  • Seamless integration with your existing website and CMS.
  • Your customers don’t need to register
  • Payments processed instantly
  • Can choose 0-conf, or default 1 confirmation
  • Non custodial, you receive the coins directly
  • You private key never touches the server
  • Open Source Code
  • Receive payments with 100% uptime
  • Easy single receiving address
  • PHP Self-Contained Plugin (apache generic)
  • Wordpress compatible
  • Woocomerce compatible
  • Real-time crypto valuation
  • BCH, BTC and ETH supported
  • No middleman fees
  • Automatic order processing


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