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Decentralized Exchange
Trustless Swaps

BCH SLP Trustless Swaps

To make a trading swap, the input SLP address must have one token type only. Prepare a new address with the exact token amount to swap.

Then, fill the input SLP addr, the input BCH addr, press "Load". Check the token and bch amounts.

Press "Generate Swap Tx" and your transaction is ready!

Sign your hex transaction. Send it to your conterparty for the 2nd signature.

Trade in seconds! Swap Webapp

Video Demo

Testing Transactions

You can create swap transactions without signing all the inputs or broadcasting to the network. Miner fee is 700 satoshis.

You can still see the swap process and verify the swap transaction in a readable format.

Start by making a New Swap Trade

Avoid centralized exchanges high fees. Take zero counterparty risk.

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