BArobots NFT

Mint on smartBCH

Mint on smartBCH

Mint your own unique BArobot @ 0.001 aprox 50 cents
Low enough to give out as tips and gifts!
Collect your favourite BArobots
Spread them around while you promote smartBCH

BArobots Artwork by Julian Peter Arias and Zikri Kader
Generator code is released as Open Source at Robohash GitHub

Only 10,000 BArobots in total will be minted
Each robot is unique and has an NFT provenance seed
Fair distribution with low mint price and
Anti-whale limit, max 200 robots per address mint
BArobots Contract at 0xe77b4483b984c80374455898c280aad9b9146939

Integrate BArobots in your site or games, we offer an easy SDK new
for you to access the BArobots community
10+ games and apps available

Mint on SmartBCH

Mint on Polygon

BArobots NFT Project