dApp Studio

Vaults, Mint, MKT Sites
Ethereum, Arbitrum, L2s

dApp Studio
RWAs, Vaults,
Mint, Mkt Sites

Each crypto community is unique. Get a custom marketplace with its own Royalties, Staking.
Setup Shop on ETH the Open Source AppStore


ETH Rewards
Account Abstraction

Custom NFT MKT
English, Dutch Auctions
Dedicated NFTEX
Get NFT trade fees even
without royalties

Depin Rewards
Prize Escrow
Account Abstraction
Wallet Vaults
Solidity Audits

NFT Staking
Reward any ERC20 Token
Rarity Multiplier
NFT Floor Pool new
NFT Bonded Treasuries

  • Deployed to ETH, Arbitrum, L2s

  • 50+ projects completed



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