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Mobile HotSpot Data Usage Calculator

BA.net - AdBlock Speed VPN
Smartphone Data Plan Calculator

You can save an average of 10% mobile data with BA.net AdBlock Speed VPN. Find out how much data you need below.

Stream videos
How often do you stream and download from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Internet TV, etc.?

Stream music
How often do you stream music, either in-browser or from stations like Slacker, Pandora, and Spotify?

Download apps,
games, and songs
How often do you download apps or games like Angry Birds or Words With Friends?

Post photos and videos
How often do you share or back up photos or documents?

Surf the web
How often do you surf the web and visit your favorite mobile sites?

Tips on Saving Data on Android

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BA.net AdBlock . YouTube Pre-Roll Blocker . Home Network AdBlock . Video . BUY PRO

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