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    hacker news discussion https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19170671

    As noted by DNS creator Paul Vixie post

    In case the name of the original poster does not ring a bell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Vixie

    This should bother people here more than it does. The last thing the Internet needs is even more dependence upon Google. They've made it quite clear through their actions that they're not supporters of a free and open Internet: https://theintercept.com/2018/09/14/google-china-prototype-l... If people don't push back against these kinds of things, Google will continue to abuse their power. There shouldn't be an army of apologists here making excuses for them.

    As far as a solution goes, they can simply make a fallback when something goes wrong. It's a disturbing trend to see them forcing things like this upon users.

    Thank you! I feel gaslit even talking about this! Mention this online, and you will get a torrent of people telling you that you must be doing something wrong, and even if it is true Google probably has a good reason that is just beyond our understanding. I just talked about my experience with Chromecast here a few hours ago in another thread. [1] The Google product forums are way worse. It is not reasonable that I should have to do packet injection to not let my Chromecast connect to Google's DNS servers, especially if I just want to watch locally streamed videos.

    Google has slowly been carving features off of the Chromecast for the last four years. I only use it for local video content, so why must I update when it has burned me in the past? What really kills me is how we wouldn't let Microsoft or Facebook pull this stuff [1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19171115


  • Q: Do you have a solution for iPhone, Android on Mobile Networks ?

    Yes, AdBlock Speed VPN for iPhone. Speed OpenVPN VPN for all your home or mobile devices. Available Consumer $0.99/month and Business Plans.

  • Q: Will VPN OpenVPN affect my mobile battery ? Short answer no. The current recommended OpenVPN clients manage sleep to keep the cellular radio off when the phone display is unused.

    The AdBlock data transmission and CPU savings will combine with the low overhead of the new OpenVPN client to a negligible impact on your iPhone battery.

  • Q: Will AdBlock affect my mobile battery ? Current block lists cover over 200,000 domains. Processing that on a mobile for every request can be battery draining. Also taxing is keeping the large blocklist up to date. The AdBlock DNS VPN solution off-loads this tasks to the server. So you can save battery.

    Q: What About Privacy ?

    Consumer Speed VPN only routes DNS traffic on the VPN. No IP change, or TCP traffic. OpenVPN app is separate, so you can audit log data and configuration. The consumer service is aimed at cellular data saving and speed.

  • Q: Android VPN Limitations ?

    Android built-in PPTP VPN only works on wifi connections.

    For a Celular Mobile Adblock VPN, you can use OpenVPN. Download this OpenVPN App on the Google Play Store

  • Q: Android VPN Hotspot Limitations ?

    You can't connect a VPN *and* activate the wifi hotspot on Android, by design. It sucks but there you are. You can though run OpenVPN on client devices tunnelled through an Android or iOS Hotspot however.

  • Q: Do you support L2PT ?

    No. For higher grade encryption we support OpenVPN. Or for legacy OS we support PPTP

  • Q: Do you offer Server DNS Custom Filter Solutions ?

    BA.net Adblock DNS Server FlashBoot is a complete Software Appliance. Built in a simple USB Flash Boot package. Or Managed Cloud Server Image. Free Download

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  • Q: Do you offer an Administrator Manual ?

    You can download a free preview of the Administrator Manual

    free Administrator Manual E-Book Preview
    Free eBook Preview PDF 2.5M Documentation Index

  • Corporate Plan Remote AdBlock VPN new

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