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OCR Document Scanbot and NextCloud Integration

For our business documents, we use a Nextcloud installation on a redundant cloud server. In order to digitalize paper documents that we receive, the solution is integrated with free Scanbot.

Is a Mobile app that lets you photograph documents and save them as images or pdf files.

With Scanbot Pro you can OCR the text, which stores the information as an extra layer in the pdf, making it searchable and indexable .

To connect Scanbot with your Nextcloud server, you can define a custom WebDav server endpoint and select a folder in the app preferences. In Scanbot, you can then upload the scanned documents manually or have them uploaded automatically.

Select WebDAV

In our case, we have a folder named “Scanbot” in my root directory under my user. So the WebDav endpoint url would look like this:


Configuring the WebDAV endpoint

When we scan new documents in the Scanbot app, they are automatically uploaded to my “Scanbot” folder on my Nextcloud.

Our Scanbot folder on my Nextcloud instance

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