Private Cloud Office

Replace Gsuite O365

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Free Private Cloud Office
Replace Gsuite, O365

PRO Cloud-Hosted Office

  • Full OnlyOffice Integration
  • Edit DOC, PPT, XLS
  • Full Specs

    $25.00 /month

    PRO Self-Hosted Office

  • Full OnlyOffice Integration in a Single Server
  • Edit DOC, PPT, XLS
  • Soft Updates and Support
  • Full Specs


    Gain peace of mind with a dedicated IT team and the flexibility of the private cloud.

    Increase your Productivity

    With modern collaboration tools. Asynchronous team communications. Join the future of work with better tools for distributed and remote work.


    Round-the-clock support, we make sure that all your Office-related issues are resolved quickly.

    Connected Business

    We create a complete business solution by integrating your Office applications , Email, Storage, VoIP without any restrictions.

    Open Source Software (OSS)

    Freedom, flexibility, low cost, no vendor lock-in, no jumping through monopoly license hoops, enables byod, local software, hybrid cloud.

    Case Studies

    Modern Team Collaboration Ebook

    Videos and Tutorials

    Reduce Costs 70% from your O365 or GSuite Bills Private Cloud Office Self-Hosted

    Knowledge Base and Manuals

    Collaborate with Remote Teams on any Platform

    Hosted Business Email


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