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Enable Private DNS using BA.net on Android 9

Google released a new feature called Private DNS mode in Android 9 Pie.

This new feature makes it easier to keep third parties from listening in on the DNS queries coming from your device by encrypting those queries.

It also allows to use an AdBlock, Malware and Tracking Filtering DNS over wifi and cellular without installing any extra software.

Configuring Private DNS to use BA.net

Android Pie only supports DNS-over-TLS. To enable this on your device:

Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Advanced Private DNS. Select the Private DNS provider hostname option. Enter biz_name.dns.ba.net and select Save. private-dns-ba-net That's it; you are done!

BA.net protects you with ad-block, anti-malware, tracking security, and your DNS requests on Android 9 are encrypted.

More about DNS-over-TLS

The protocol used by Private DNS is an industry standard called “DNS-over-TLScting to unsecured public WiFi networks and even against observation by your mobile phone carrier on your data plan.

We encourage new methods to protect DNS data in flight, and we’re pleased to see Android supporting encryption out-of-the-box.

Caveats and Finding about Private DNS in Android (*)

Small print: You may find that not 100% of your queries are protected with Private DNS in this version of Android. There are are some queries that may “leak” through after your device wakes from sleep mode for about 30 seconds, as well as some cases that we’ve observed where the encryption isn’t stable in this release, which means downgrading back to standard unencrypted DNS without notice to the user.

Remember this is the first implementation of this feature for Android, and we assume that like all first releases multiple iterations will occur. If you see ‘Couldn’t Connect’ when you press ‘Save’ after populating the ‘Private DNS hostname’ field, that doesn’t mean it isn’t using TLS – there seem to be some inconsistencies in this first release of Android.

Questions or Comments? If you’re having any issues using BA.net with Android 9, drop us a line via our Support Forum.

BA.net AdBlock VPN . iPhone . Android . BUY Lifetime

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