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BA.net Hardware SafeBox AdBlocker

Internet Content Control, Ad Filter, Anti Malware Security

  • Network Wide Ad, Malware, Tracking and Profiling Protection

  • Custom Corporate Policy Content Control (i.e. block social media)

  • Network-level blocking allows any device to block ads, regardless of hardware or OS.

  • Faster Network, since ads are blocked before they are downloaded

  • Monitor Performance And Statistics. The Web interface shows how many ads were blocked, a query log, and more

  • Compliant with CIPA

  • Includes Curated Blocklists Updates

  • Easy Bootable ISO Software Appliance

    BA.net Safebox ISO for RPi3

    free Download

    PRO BA.net Safebox Network Ad Filter

    Buy BA.net PRO SafeBox Turnkey Software ISO for RPi3 - US$ 49.00

    Buy with PayPal US$ 49.00

    Use your Own Raspberry Pi 3, or get a new one from these Amazon Links

  • Amazon RPi3, Case, Power Supply $49.99
  • Amazon RPi3, Case, Power Supply $53.89
  • Amazon RPi3, SD Card, Case, Power Supply $69.99
  • Buy BA.net Safebox PRO Preinstalled with Raspberry Pi 3 Kit US$ 129.99

    Contact us at
    +54911 2546 1403

    Pro App Version Featuring

  • Unlimited Ad Blocking
  • Optional Porn Blocking
  • Whole House/Office Coverage
  • Up to 9 simultaneous devices
  • Available on Apple AppStore

    Block Ads . Raspberry Pi 3 . Video Demo . Config . BUY PRO

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