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BAnet-Safebox - Adblock Network Filter

Burn the banet-safebox-adblock.img to an 8Gbyte SD card using windows
(a larger SD card can also be used)

Uncompress the file banet-safebox-adblock.img.rar
burn using the program win32-diskimager.exe
original site

Boot the raspberry Pi 3
if you plug a monitor you will see the ip address for the banet-safebox 
after boot

Alternatively you can lookup the dhcp client list on yor router. 
The banet-safebox will be listed as raspberrypi

You can access the admin page at

Configure your clients to use the ip of banet-safebox as your main DNS

PRO version includes

- Full curated adblock, malware, tracking filter list 
- Corporate Whitelist Control
- Corporate Blacklist Control
- Full Log Statistics


Contact us at