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Setting up AppleTV with BA.net AdBlock

Important: Before you start

Before you change your DNS settings to use BA.net AdBlock, be sure to write down the current server addresses or settings on a piece of paper. Keep these numbers for backup purposes, in case you need to revert to them at any time.


Apple TV with iOS 5.1 and newer

  1. On Apple TV, go the Settings > General > Network
  2. Select Wi-Fi for wireless network or Ethernet if you have wired connection. For wireless network you’ll have to select Wi-Fi network and may need to enter Wi-Fi password (if you didn’t do it before)
  3. Go to Configure DNS and switch it to Manual
  4. Enter following numbers and click “Done”:
  5. Confirm on “Network” screen the DNS address is the numbers you entered (leading zeros will be omitted).
  6. Return back to main screen
  7. Put the Apple TV to sleep with the Sleep Now command in Settings
  8. Unplug the Apple TV power cord
  9. Wait ten seconds
  10. Plug the Apple TV back in

Pro Version Featuring

  • Unlimited Ad Blocking
  • Optional Porn Blocking
  • Whole House/Office Coverage
  • Up to 9 simultaneous devices
  • Available on Apple AppStore

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