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How to Accessing Your DHCP Client List on your Router or wireless router

Accessing Your DHCP Client List

Though instructions may vary slightly by router manufacturer, generally the instructions are the same for accessing your DHCP Client List. To begin, enter your IP address into your browser's search bar. This will take you to your router settings, where you'll be able to enable or disable DHCP, change other settings, and view your DHCP Client List.

The next steps may vary slightly depending on the type of router you have, but most routers will have a Network Setup section. Access this section to make sure DHCP has been enabled. You may be able to access your list through this menu, although you may have to navigate to another section, such as Local Networks. Remember, if you get lost or confused, you can check out your router's user manual or visit the manufacturer's website.

You should see an option within the router settings called, "DHCP Client Table." Click this option to view the table, also known as your Client List. Usually, there are several settings for this table. These include a refresh mode to provide you with an updated list, a delete option, and a sort mode for sorting through your list. Again, these options vary by manufacturer, so your options may be slightly different.

Once you've reviewed your list, make sure to save any changes and close your router settings.

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