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Video-Ad Blocker for YouTube

Block annoying pre-roll, interrupting video ads

  • In-Line Video Ad Blocker new
  • Playlists Video, Music
  • Video Downloader
  • Any Device
  • Works on TVs

    Any Mobile, Desktop or TV
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    Free Movie Live Demo Music Playlist Demo

    Video Demo

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    OSX, Windows App,
    mobile and tv webapp
    $4.99 launch 50% off

    Dedicated OSX App can AirPlay to your AppleTV

    Block annoying in-line, interrupting youtube video ads!

    Supports playlists, for videos, music and podcasts.

    Blocks pre-roll ads, post-roll ads, interrupting ads.

    Desktop OSX, Windows App
    mobile webapp and Instant PWA for all platforms

    Sandboxed app, instant download, install

    Fast Video-Ad Blocking, does not need access to blocklists. Will not slow down your browser

    Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku

    Registration and login free. No recurring costs

    BA.net AdBlock . YouTube Pre-Roll Blocker . Home Network AdBlock . Video . BUY PRO

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