Artificial ART (AART NFT) new

Each AART NFT is unique and cannot be repeated
While the artwork can be copied on the Internet, it can only
be minted as an AART NFT once.

In addition the AART series will only mint a limited series of
529 items in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (BCH).
First AI Art series on SLP NFT Tokens dating march 2021
Owners will be featured with a message and link on the AI art
composite image display at

Created using AI StyleGAN2 plus filter point interpolation
Upscaled to high resolution 1024x1024
Nvidia cluster generates the images (when not mining crypto :)
AIs take on minimalism, realism, modernism, post-modernism
More details on the Generative Adversarial Networks whitepaper

Demo AART video

AART NFT Project Video (complete with AI music @jtbon20)

The rise of AI Art and NFTs

Art collectors appreciate the value of AI Art as a new discipline that is pushing the boundaries of art, the same way photography did in the early XX century.

Some of the best galleries around the world are exhibiting AI artworks, including London-based gallery Christie's, that in 2018 sold an AI-generated portrait for $432k.

Similarly, the crypto art trend has gained popularity since its early days in 2017 with CryptoKitties. In March 2021, one NFT was sold in auction for 69 million dollars.

The AART 2021 series

After NFT distribution the site will feature a composite al the works including a message from each owner. The message can be commercial, include a link or social media handle.

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